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Adlerian Play Therapy included in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs & Practices March 2017

"In Adlerian play therapy the counselor conceptualizes clients from an Adlerian perspective while using toys, play material, art, metaphor, and storytelling to communicate with clients. The therapist explores the person's unique, creative approach to life and belonging and helps the client gain insight into his or her lifestyle, which often leads to cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral changes." (Kottman 2009). 

Personalty Priorities 
(Control, Superiority, Pleasing, Comfort) 
Crucial C's
(Connect, Capable, Courage, Count)
Goals of Misbehavior/ Purposes
Lifestyle Convictions
Birth Order
Family Atmospheres
plus a few more.. 

These are all important elements that Adlerian Play Therapist consider in treatment. It serves as a systematic framework and foundation for having fun through art, play, storytelling, etc. 

I am a certified supervisor and presenter, having extensive training and supervision in this newly evidence based practice. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about topic presentations or obtaining play therapy supervision or training. 
Becky, from Sacred Circle comes to the office and does a private session with me weekly. Clients interested in joining our Advanced Gentle Yoga Class can do so for 15.00 per session. Please contact me for more information. 

Currently on Wed
 from 12-1pm

You will need a yoga mat & blanket.. she sometimes sprays lavender for deeper relaxation:)