Having a Better Today is my driving force in helping guide individuals, families, adolescents, and children toward improving his/her life, today. Thus, every day is a step toward greater health and functioning. The decision to embark on the journey of psychotherapy is a courageous one. Blessings on your journey.

A Better Today, LLC was my previous business name but was closed in 2013 when I went on an adventure out to sea. (www.twoupandgone.com) I have returned to Indiana, having learned a few lessons from my sabbatical, and now practice independently out of the studio behind my home. It is nothing fancy, other than the disco lights, few fairy houses, and the freedom to just be yourself.  

So here is the thing, I believe that everyone is capable of being whomever they choose to be. Most people are simply lost and not sure or even believe anymore that things could ever be different. Well, it can! That is largely what I believe psychotherapy is about, establishing your goals, finding the steps to achieve this progress, and then start working through the obstacles.


So right now, you may be depressed, unable to enjoy the things you used to, feeling sad, numb, or lost. Maybe anxiety is keeping you up at night, making it difficult to perform at work or school. Perhaps you're struggling in your relationships, finding it hard to communicate or challenged with controlling your anger. It may even be that your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, which only compounds stress.


These struggles may be preventing you from achieving happiness, peace and a sense of purpose, but healing and growth are possible. With warmth, compassion, a sense of humor, directness, and dedication, I can help you or your loved one to uncover answers. I strongly believe in he uniqueness of each individual and family. I use an integrative approach to therapy using technique from several theories because there is no "one size fits all" treatment.